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This is the year you finally stop randomly trying to 'be healthy''The Fit-For-Life System' is a 3 month journey that teaches you how to own your health.We want to give you a system to run mini-health-experiments.At the end of this, you will be confident in your ability to make smart choices about what's best for your health.If this sounds like something that could help you, we'd love for you to sign up today!

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Is this the right experience for me?

Do you feel lost in your health journey?

Do you know that you want to be healthy, but you feel completely lost on to get there?

Can you not remember the last time you felt healthy?

Have you tried things like "eat healthier" and "exercise more," but they didn't work?

Then the FitforLife System will work for you

Here's how it works

Module 1: Richer Goal Setting

We all want to "get healthy" and "be fit"But do you know what that really means to you?In this module, you will learn a complete way to think about your goals.You'll figure out how to make them personal and effective for your own lifestyle.

Module 2: True Accountability

The main challenge with health apps is that you still go at it alone.The secret to health lies in real accountability.The FitforLife System teaches you how to set up social support that really works.You'll have a chance to meet peers and coaches you will join you on your journey

Module 3: Logging that Works

Our health records are all over the place.When did my neck pain start?
What year was it when I ran that 10k?
No one will remember it for you.Learn to to take smart notes so you can truly own your health.

Module 4: Effective Reflecting

Programs, diets and workouts don't last forever.
Our lives change, and your health changes with it
In the FitforLife System, you will learn how to take note of what works for you.Over time, you will build up the knowledge of your own unique health profile.

Meet your coach

Hi I'm Javier

I've been helping people transform their health for the past 7 years.In 2020 I developed nerve problems that changed my health. I could no longer do my favorite workouts and exercises.What did I realize?To be healthy, I needed a good system to keep track of my ups and downs. It has to be flexible so that it can work for me as I go through my 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond.That system is what I teach here. And I keep things light, fun, and practical.The human body is an incredible machine that can adapt to any circumstance but sometimes we need to help ourselves along a bit.

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